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Spelt Baked Ham

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Honey mustard, molasses, honey and spelt bread make a flavourful coating for this traditional ham. Made with Springer's Bone-in Smoked Ham.

Makes 20 servings.


1 tbsp active dry yeast 15 mL
2 cups warm water, divided 500 mL
1/4 cup fancy molasses 50 mL
2 tbsp liquid honey 30 mL
3 cups all-purpose flour 750 mL
1 tbsp caraway seeds 15 mL
2 tsp salt 10 mL
3 cups whole grain spelt flour 750 mL
1 10 lb (5 kg) Springer's bone-in smoked ham
2 tbsp honey mustard 30 mL


In measuring cup or small bowl, sprinkle yeast over 1/4 cup (50 mL) of the warm water, let stand until foamy, about 10 minutes. In bowl, whisk together molasses, honey and remaining water until well blended.

In large bowl, whisk together all-purpose flour, caraway seeds and salt. Pour in foamy yeast mixture and molasses mixture. Stir until well blended. Stir in spelt flour, one cup at a time to make a heavy dough. Turn out onto a clean surface and knead until dough is firm and shiny, about 10 minutes. Place in an oiled bowl. Cover and let rise in a warm place, about 2 hours. Punch down dough and form into a ball. Return to oiled bowl and refrigerate for at least 4 hours and up to one day. Let stand at room temperature for 1 hour before rolling.

Preheat oven to 325 F (160 C). Trim off any fat from outside of ham. Rub mustard all over. Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface until large enough to completely enclose ham. Lay ham, flat side down in the center of the dough. Moisten edges of dough with water and wrap dough over ham, crimping the edges to seal. Transfer to a large roasting pan or rimmed baking sheet. Use a sharp knife or kitchen shears to cut two vent holes on each side of the ham. Cover with foil and bake in center of oven for 1 1/2 hours. Uncover and continue to bake until a meat thermometer inserted in the center reads 135 F (57 C), about 1 hour. Transfer to cutting board and rest 10 minutes. Break off dough; set aside. Thinly slice ham around bone and serve with pieces of crust.

Innovative: Substitute the honey mustard with grainy Dijon mustard for a flavour profile that is more savory and less sweet.

Wine Pairing Suggestions
Ontario’s Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery, Proprietors' Grand Reserve 2007 White Meritage displays aromas of succulent melon, grapefruit, and pineapple expressed on the palate with a soft, creamy texture.

Ontario’s Château des Charmes, 2006 Silver Label Chardonnay is a pale, golden colour with a bouquet of citrus fruit and a hint of apple. non-oaked.

PER SERVING: about 390 calories, 35 g pro, 11 g total fat (3.5 g sat fat), 34 g carbohydrate, 3 g fibre, 80 mg cholesterol, 1570 mg sodium. %RDI: iron 20%.